INSTALL - Markup, the XML parser for O'Caml

INSTALL - Markup, the XML parser for O'Caml

The "markup" package


Markup does not need any other packages besides the O'Caml core. The current version of Markup is known to work with O'Caml 3.06 and 3.07, probably it will work also with previous versions.



To specify a installation prefix (by default it is /usr/local):

./ -p /usr


The Makefile defines the following goals:

Regression tests

After compiling go to directory rtests, run


and then


There is more documentation in each directory under rtests


The Makefile defines the following goals:


There is some documentation in directory doc (README, INSTALL and design.txt). The user's guide is in HTML in directory doc/manual/html.

To generate this file and README from the xml source (format for the example readme) run

cd doc;make

The user's guide is written in DocBook. To generate versions in HTML or PostScript some programs must be installed: transfig (fig2dev), netpbm, jade, docbook-stylesheets, jadetex, dvips. Their location is detected (but not ensured) during the configuration of the sources. If the configuration detected them succesfully (verify by reading messages produced during configuration) run:

cd doc/manual;make

to generate HTML pages in directory doc/html. To generate PostScript in directory doc/ps, run:

make ps

The examples

In the "examples" directory you find some applications of Markup :

Trouble shooting

The most recent version has been compiled and tested in OpenBSD and Linux, other platforms could be used.


The "make" utility of Solaris does not work properly enough; there is a bug in it that prevents the so-called suffix rules from being recognized. There are two solutions:

Note that in earlier versions of Markup than 0.2.3 there was a second problem with Solaris (and other System V systems) which does not allow ! in scripts executed by /bin/sh. Because of this, the ! command was removed from the scripts.